7 Trails in Florida You Must Take If You Love the Paranormal

Ghost hunters and horror enthusiasts alike are flocking to trails and hikes all over the nation. Why? Because unlike haunted houses and public buildings, these state parks and natural treasures cannot be rid of paranormal activity by way of a spiritual cleansing or exorcism.

Of all of the trails that are in Florida, the seven below are considered to have the most activity of a paranormal nature.

Seven Trails in Florida You Must Take If You Love the Paranormal

7) Kitching Creek Loop, Jonathan Dickinson State Park – Hobe Sound, FL

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Many hikers and campers enjoy visiting and exploring this seven mile trail, filled with magnificent views, beautiful flowers and many different types of birds. But recently, many campers have started to avoid this area because they have heard that it is haunted.

A group of nature lovers set up a makeshift camp along the Kitching Creek Loop earlier this summer. They said that many of them could not sleep there at night because they kept hearing disembodied voices whispering in the surrounding trees.

Those in the group that managed to fall asleep in the paranormal noise complained of intense nightmares and migraines during the duration of their stay at this Hobe Sound loop.

6) Lettuce Lake Park – Tampa, FL

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Lettuce Lake Park is well known for its long winding boardwalk that sits above the vast, beautiful wetlands that this park is most known for. However, according to a local legend a part of the boardwalk is supposedly haunted. Many years ago, two men came to fish in the freshwater swamps.

Little did one of the men know that his friend had taken him out to the park because he felt it was the perfect place to commit a murder. The two fought violently and neither survived due to severe head wounds. Today, the park is said to be haunted by the two dead fisherman.

Tampa residents have claimed to have seen their ghosts, wandering on the dock, looking at the many fish below.

5) Kolokee Trail, Little Big Econ State Forest – Geneva, FL

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Named one of the most family friendly hikes in the entire county, Kolokee Trail is about a five mile hike that takes you through one of the most beautiful parts of the state forest. But one Geneva native is begging friends and family to never take their children to this area.

He took his young daughter to the forest last month, and during their trip his daughter seemed to have made an imaginary friend. When they returned to their car, his daughter quickly fell asleep. The father wrapped a blanket around her in her car seat, then watched in fear as the blanket was slowly dragged off her body by an unseen hand.

4) Wekiwa Springs State Park – Apopka, FL

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This charming state park includes over thirteen miles of hiking trails, and many alligators. One student, studying to be a zoologist, went to the park earlier this year to study the local wildlife. When she did not return home that night, her family went looking for her at the park.

Her father found her huddled at the base of a tree, sobbing hysterically.

When asked what happened, the girl said that a misty apparition appeared beside her and refused to let her leave. The girl said that the apparition spoke to her inside her head and told her she would die within the park and become the ghost’s companion in death.

3) Canopy Walk, Myakka River State Park – Sarasota, FL

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The Canopy Walk is a unique trail, as it is elevated in height, leveling out with the treetops. According to local legend, many people decided to commit suicide in this park during the 1950s. Many people who enlisted in the army came here to end their lives after the beginning of the Vietnam War.

What’s most scary?

Their ghosts are known for walking around the park to this day, and look like ordinary, living people. Many hikers have encountered these lost souls, but did not discover that they were dead until they saw the strangers leave the trail and slowly walk right through the surrounding tree trunks and mysteriously disappear out of thin air.

2) Bradwell Bay Florida Trail, Apalachicola National Forest – Bristol, FL

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This rigorous twelve mile trail is predominately through water that goes as high as one’s waist. Many people refuse to explore this trail alone as it is believed to be haunted.

Several hikers have said they have witnessed seeing a little boy in soaking wet clothes swimming in the water. When the hikers attempted to approach the boy and help him, they claim that the boy spoke to them with his mind, demanding they stay away.

Many of the hikers turned to flee from the strange boy, and started to excessively bleed from their noses as they tried to run in the high water.

1) Hog Island Nature Trail, Withlacoochee State Forest – Brooksville, FL

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The Hog Island Trail is short, coming in at less than two miles long, but many locals believe something evil lives in the surrounding creepy, cypress trees. According to local legend, a witch once made the forest her home during the 1700s. After she was burned at the stake, her spirit came back to haunt the forest.

Many warn hikers not to camp in the area, as the witch has been known to stand outside their tents at night and run her long fingernails against the fabric, terrorizing those within. There are those who think this spirit is the true inspiration behind the story of the Blair Witch.


Whether you seek to find a ghost or are simply interested in getting back into touch with nature, you will want to bring a friend with you as you explore these paranormal trails.

Many people have entered these forests and have come out petrified by what they have seen.


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